My thoughts about future of pointing devices

It’s cool to be on the cutting edge of new technologies, and it is cool to invent or even just try something new.
All we have been inspired by sci-fi films with “future-rised” interfaces.
And all we have been inspired by google glasses, it’s hella cool device

But STOP, what’s going on with PC/Laptop’s pointing devices?
You know, I mean “leap motion”, “mycestro” and other similar devices that reinvented kinect for PC/Laptop.
For example here is one more DIY motion device – It is great presentation, it is interesting device, but thats it. I don’t believe that lazy people will waving their hand the whole day. It’s too hard, believe me. May be in the near future laptops and other devices will have second web-camera and somebody gonna use “leap motion\kinect like” gestures to list presentation’s slides. But I’m sure that nobody will use it in daily work, just because it’s too hard.
I believe that mouse/trackpad device will be replaced by eye-tracking mechanism, or by the mind-PC interface, but not with the kinect like toys. It is really funny, but I think that this is totally useless

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Some thoughts about html5 by Christian Heilmann – it is really cool presentation for anyone who cares about the web (by Christian Heilmann

P.S. just put here some interesting tools:

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