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Link folder into Visual Studio Project

As far as we all might know, Visual Studio allows to add existing file as a link.

file as a link

But sometimes it could be pretty useful to add whole folder as a link. As a result I want to change\add\remove files in one directory and to observe the same changes in the other project. The first thing that came up to my mind was hard link (yeah it’s strange).
But I was sure enough that I can make it by adding several lines to .csproj file. Here they are:

<Compile Include="..\..\..\OtherProject\CommonFolder\*.cs">

and here is the example ho to add files as a content (one file)

    <Content Include="..\WebClient\index.html">

and the whole directory

    <Content Include="..\WebClient\Pages\*.html">

Just to clarify – all these changes I’ve added to e.g. MyProject.csproj file.

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HOW TO run Window Phone 8 emulator on parallels on mac

That awkward moment, when you want to use you windows on parallels for Windows Phone 8 development (and don’t want to install windows via bootcamp).

Shortly some helpful point:

  • first of all ensure that you have Parallels desktop 8 for mac (it’s really important to have 8 version, if not – just update it by the install 8 version)
  • go to parallels settings – “Optimisation” and check “Nested virtualisation enabled”
  • go to parallels hardware settings and ensure that you have configured ONE cpu and at least 4GB of ram (may be it will work with 2 GB I don’t know). It is really important to set only 1 CPU
  • make sure that you have installed parallels tools on your windows 8 (yep windows 8 on your parallels)
  • ensure that you have windows 8 pro edition (I had windows 8 N, then updated to windows 8 Pro N), if not – update it. Open My Computer, right click – Properties. Check your windows version, if it’s not pro, click “get more features” or something like this. You should enter serial key and wait until windows will install all cool features. (Serial keys could be taken from your msdn premium subscribtion account, if you have one, just click “get key” near the windows 8 pro, on pro N edition, copy-paste it to the windows updating window and follow the white rabbit)
  • Now you have windows 8 pro edition, cool! Find on start screen “Hyper-v manager”, configure your device emulator, and set ONE cpu, only ONE, seriously 1.
  • Now you could try to run you project in VS 2012 on device. In case if you will have an error with CPU counts, something like “…this can happen when the virtual processor or socket count…” open parallels settings and ensure that you configured one cpu, and open hyper-v manager and look at settings for device emulator you trying to run – open it’s settings and set cpu count to one
  • That was the small manual how to run windows 8 emulator on parallels for mac, or how to start hyper-v on parallels for mac.

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