Watch OS 2: Refreshing Apple Watch complication

To make WCSession work fine with Complications we have to use transferCurrentComplicationUserInfo on the iPhone side.
So here’s how to send updated dictionary from iPhone

// update complication
if session.watchAppInstalled {

Let’s get back to Apple Watch Extension, here’s what should be in the InterfaceController which uses WCSession to subscribe on updates:

func session(session: WCSession, didReceiveUserInfo userInfo: [String : AnyObject]) {
    if let dateString = userInfo["dataKey"] as? String {
         // save new value to user defaults
         let defaults = NSUserDefaults.standardUserDefaults()
         defaults.setObject(dateString, forKey: "dataKey")
         // reload complication data
func reloadComplications() {
    let server = CLKComplicationServer.sharedInstance()
    guard let complications = server.activeComplications where complications.count > 0 else {
    for complication in complications  {

That’s basically it, now we can get these values from the Cache in the Complication itself.

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